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Guarding Against Online Fraudulent Visa Processing : Scam Alert

16 Oct 2023

Whether a traveller flies out of India or a foreigner visiting India, there are some protocols to be observed which is largely overlooked by a potential tourist, and thus, they fall into a trap without even realising that they have fallen into one. Their over confidence and enthusiasm far outweighs their lack of being conscious  in visa processing and would face in numerable hardships and possibly loss of money in their quest for seeking quick visa processing remedies.

How do potential travellers fall into this trap is a question to be pondered. First, is the urgency to get things done. The unscrupulous  agent will create a fake web site and it would resemble a genuine web site and the prospect would key in his particulars including on filling up the particulars on the fraudulent payment link. In the quest to have all travel related documents processed before departure the potential traveller feels contended that visa is under process. After a couple of days when he tries to cross check, it comes as a rude shock, when he looks for the fraudulent web site, for the visa status,  which would have totally disappeared from the web radar. The potential traveller is totally distraught at the turn of events.  Secondly, the long gestation period between visa application submission and visa receipt is a situation when the unscrupulous elements posing as travel agents exploit the usurp money from an unsuspecting traveller.      

Guarding Against Online Fraudulent Visa Processing

What should be done to avoid online visa scams:   

A bit of patience in analysing the web site of the prospective visa processing agent will help. 

  1. Check for spelling mistakes, inconsistent URL etc... which are giveaways of the unscrupulous visa processing agent. 
  2. Cross check with the official web site of the visa processing agent.
  3. In the initial screening personal information is normally not asked, if this is insisted upon it is a sign to watch out for.
  4. With a little bit of home work, check from the associated trade bodies if the visa agent is registered or not.
  5. Check the e-mail Id and the “contact us”, particulars on the fraudulent web site. If such information is missing, rest assured it is a warning sign.
  6. In case of doubt, contact the embassy concerned to check on the veracity of the visa processing agent.  
  7. Consult a reputed travel agent, who will have an umbrella of visa processing services and would help in assisting a potential traveller in the visa processing formalities. 

How can Skyway International Travel help?

For the starters, Skyway has been in the business for nearly three decades, which has a history of earning the “trust”, amongst its customers. They run the travel company in a very professional manner. Trained staff are available almost at all times, thereby increasing the confidence of a potential traveller seeking visa related service.  A one-to-one interaction between the Skyway staff and a potential visa seeker increases the trust level of the company and it thus ensures a hazzle free visa seeking service. For all queries related to visa, do get in touch with Mr. Manjunatha on Mobile No. 9845199077 Or M. Anthoney on Mobile No.9845187717 for seeking assistance.   

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