Kalari Kovilakom

In the evergreen tropical heartland of the Union State Kerala, designed as Palace for Ayurveda with Perfection and without compromise. On arrival the guest will feel moving back to a bygone era: Kalari Kovilakom was once the residence of King Vengunad and Queen Dhaatri Valiya Rani (1890). A traditional old wood palace, antique furniture, hallways with exotic woods and beautiful paintings still bear witness to the glamorous era. This is also the ancient place of Kalari, the training centre of Kerala`s unique martial art Kalaripayattu. Due to the efforts by the queen the cultural ethos of Kalari is preserved and followed as is the thousand years old Ayurvedic tradition.

The carefully and elaborately restored palace property represents a unique combination of two extremes: Discreet luxury with thriftiness, in order to harmonise the external material world with the inner spiritual world. Luxury is situated in the simplicity of the things, as "less" means actually "more" as the fascination we are looking for already exists in the hidden. Therefore the luxurious ambience of the palaces meets the simplicity of an Ashram. The oasis amidst profuse nature will also not be disrupted through modern influences as TV, music player etc.

Experience the holistic healing method of Ayurveda, completed by Yoga and Meditation, where nothing is conceived, devised, diluted or packed. Wake up before sunrise, give yourself time for deployment of your senses for your thoughts, for reading or just for doing nothing.

Treatments and Ayurvedic kitchen
Quintessence of the Ayurveda philosophy is the believe, that the human body is a microcosms of the universe, consisting of the 5 elements of the nature and governed from 3 powers, the Doshas or somatic energies.

Diseases are responsible for the imbalance of these powers, which can be adjusted by the various Ayurvedic treatments. During the detailed check-up of the Ayurveda doctor the imbalances will be diagnosed. After this for each guest his own individual therapy will be worked out, consisting of massages, herbal baths and an Ayurvedic vegetarian diet. Each daily meal will be assorted for each single guest individually. The whole Therapy will we supervised by a team of highly professional Ayurveda doctors and therapists. A lot of herbs which are used grow in the botanical garden of the resort.

Our prices include

  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Overnight in airconditioned rooms with attached bath on Ayurvedic full board basis
  • Detailed medical check-up on arrival, diagnosis, fixing of the therapy by the Ayurveda doctor
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments & Yoga and Medication
  • Intensive attendance during the whole stay, individual diagnosed therapies
  • Transfers from/to Cochin or Coimbatore airport
Our prices include
  • International flights to Male and back
  • Visa for India
  • Beverages, tips, laundry, phone calls, all other expenses

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