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Why Postpone Holiday Travel Until Retirement, Missing An Opportunity To Enjoy Life

04 Sep 2023

Many people have the habit of forgoing work life balance.  “Work is worship”, is the mantra and their philosophy of Senior citizens and therefore, their main focus in life is to excel in the work they do, and thereby enhance their careers.  Family life too, gets entwined in a rather nonchalant manner and life can be truly mundane.

Given below are the concerns of Senior citizens and looking ahead can we convert a problem in to an opportunity? Well let’s get started.... 

The enthusiasm factor:

Post retirement when a person wishes to travel, may find the situation difficult to digest. The constant focus on work, work, and work, all the time, during their working years, would rob him/her of enjoying life in a manner that should happen, given the circumstances they have exposed to.

The age factor:

When in retirement, quite obviously, a person would have expanded his active life in work related problems. Now, that both time and money would be available, at his disposal, it will not match his mind set, to be able to undertake a happy holiday travel journey to undertake and explore the world around.  

Inability to keep up: 

With slower movement of appendages, the senior traveller will find it extremely cumbersome to catch up with a pre-planned itinerary. Generally, a sense of confidence creeps in when booked on a group tour, (which in the Industry is SIC OR Seat-In-Coach). However the drawback is - in SIC tours more number of tourist locations are covered to a jam packed itinerary, and seniors may find it difficult to allocate adequate time for each of the tourist destination covered during the course of the day.

The fear factor:

There is a reluctance of seniors to undertake travel as they get older. This is not without a reason. There is an unwritten fear, what if a sudden sickness strikes them when on tour? Though the travel insurance addresses this issue partly, the underlying query is how will the co-companion cope up with an unfamiliar situation, in an unfamiliar location? How can help be solicited? These queries lingering in the minds of a senior traveller and would perhaps act as a dampener in tour planning.

Safety and Security factor:

When in an unfamiliar tourist destination or an unfamiliar location, what are risks involved especially when language is a barrier to communicate. Senior travellers may be aware of the various tourist scams, but may not have the wherewithal to circumvent such scams.  As age catches up, and a tendency to be forgetful, the potential senior citizen will have a nagging safety and security fear like for instance, what happens when the pass port is misplaced, are worries that the senior traveller will think off.     

The bottom line:

Travel when you are young and enjoy a life of adventure, exploring places and rejoice in the beauty of various tourist destinations situated all over the world. It certainly broadens the minds horizons.

The Silver lining:

So what if the Senior citizens have worked their entire life and have not had the time to enjoy a vacation or a holiday. It is time that they should indulge in the vacation splash! It is the recommended travel therapy to keep them mentally and physically fit and have a positive outlook to life. It throws an opportunity to socialise and possibly learn a few things.  Thus, boredom can be sent to the back seat and enjoy a life full of happy memories. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Skyway Tour the saviour and partner in Senior Citizens tour planning: 

With all the fear that can enter the head of a senior citizen, the team at Skyway recognise the challenges of the elderly. They design and tailor ake packages, keeping the ability of a senior traveller, just to add comfort to the potential traveller. The team consists of senior citizen employee, to understand exactly how a senior citizen approaches challenges to a vacation and therefore all underlying issues are addressed. Travellers may utilise the opportunity to connect with Mr. Venugopal on Mobile No. 9845183542 or Mr. Manjunatha on Mobile No. 9845199077 for a curated Senior Citizen holiday.

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