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Vacation Vexations: Navigating The Pitfalls Of An Unplanned Holiday

27 Nov 2023

When the thought of holidays come in, it gives a sense of relief that it would be a getaway from the routine mundane life far from the maddening work centre. The focus would shift on a well deserved holiday to be enjoyed and cherished with family members to spend quality time in solitude for a few days which would give the much needed energy to get back to work in a positive frame of mind fully refreshed.

The immediate point that comes to mind is when a well deserved break has to be accomplished; the first and foremost point that comes to mind is the “planning”, stage. A little bit of homework will go a long way in avoiding future pitfalls and therefore, it is necessary to plan in advance for the holiday.  You will not have any tensions in last minutes if you plan your holiday in advance, you save a lot too.  You need to understand your interest and likings before you start working on your holiday, i.e., you like  beaches, wildlife, nature, hill stations, historical places, monuments, fort and palaces, wellness, etc., The general guidelines that one should have in mind are the following:-

Budget for the holiday

The first factor to be borne in mind, have a definite budget when accounting for the budget factor cost of travel (rail/or air) to the nearest airport/railway station from your home town. Factor cost of surface transportation for the duration of the holiday. Then, the cost of boarding and lodging for the duration of stay. Last but not the least miscellaneous expenses like attraction entrance costs, shopping costs, and some amount to be set aside as emergency expenses. 

Duration of the holiday

The next is the duration of the holiday. Much will depend on the leaves granted to the employee and the synchronisation of the holiday with children’s’ educational school or college break. To best enjoy the holiday, an ideal situation will be to plan for on day less than the actual duration of the holiday, to factor for setting the mode to work/school/college the following day.   

Choice of destination: to be researched

This is important to do research on the destination short listed. How will this help? Well, a fair estimate of costs can be derived at, when this research is done. The cost of monuments entrance fees, cost of lodging etc. Will help in working within our budget.  

Fall back alternate plan

Sometimes, at very short notice of travel or an impromptu unplanned holiday could have negative consequences, thus upsetting the standard plans. It is therefore, necessary to have a fall back options. An example of this is take the case of Goa, this destination goes like a hot cake during season and unless planned well, that too months in advance, we will not to be destined to a satisfactory holiday. Under such circumstances, it is better to research and short list other destinations as well. 

Preparation with the administrative arrangements

The best way of doing this; is to jot out all the requirements in the planning stage itself. The research that we talked off in Para c) should be borne in mind. Help from a professional travel company will go a long way in ironing out any doubts that a potential tourist may have with regard to a destination. A lot of avoidable headaches can be circumvented when the services of the travel agent is availed, at the execution stage.

Skyway’s role in tour panning:

Trusting Skyway tour which is having a good track record in holiday planning will be of definite help. The companys’ tour organizing staffs has full knowledge of tour packages, and they will be in a position to share any important local inputs for a forthcoming tour.  They enjoy customer’s trust and are credited with a good track record in this field. For any of the queries pertaining to tour planning, you could get in touch with Ms. Shylaja on Mobile No. 9845188115 Or Mr. Anthoney on Mobile No. 9845187717 and get your holiday organised. This will certainly be an enjoyable experience with skyway.

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