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Travel For Life - A Doctrine Initiative By The Government Of India

04 Dec 2023

The recent G20 summit threw up a window of opportunities especially in the travel, tourism and cultural heritage of India. The event placed India on the road map of world focus thereby showcasing the hidden side of the country. Therefore, the G 20 platform was certainly an important turning point in the history of India.

A notable feature at the behest of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of  India, was “Travel for Life”, under the mission Life programme. So what is travel for life? It is a conscious effort to bring in changes in behavioural pattern amongst all stake holders both from an individual traveller and amongst tourism businesses significantly impacting environmental protection and climate change.   

Why was there a need to spear head such a movement?  Well, just take the case of Agra, India’s pride the “Taj Mahal”.  The monument is just a little over 500 years old, but the impact of pollution and the lack of care for nature has made it a monument not in the WOW factor list. For starters the Yamuna flowing just behind the Taj is an eye sore, nevertheless. Even the White marble of the Taj has started to decay giving warning signals to ASI and the Government to initiate programmes for monument protection. So the underlying statement of Travel for life implies, if we take care of all our sightseeing attractions in our times, we will be gifting for life, the same attractions for future generations to enjoy too.     

As responsible citizens, and being an ardent traveller, we need to identify areas, where we can make tourism environmentally friendly and make tourism initiatives sustainable in the long term. So how can we do it?  Here is how as a discerning traveller, we can contribute.

  1. Save energy
  2. Save water
  3. Avoid usage of single use plastics
  4. Waste reduction
  5. Encourage local businesses and communities
  6. A healthy respect for local customs and culture
  7. Exploring the possibility of eating local cuisine
  8. Conserve natural heritage.

Of course, no programme will be successful without a conscious effort in that direction.  A beginning has to be made somewhere in channelizing our energies on the above eight aspects to attain sustainable growth and preserve our tourism heritage for LIFE, and in the process help the coming generations to enjoy tourism related exhibits in the life time too !

Skyways role in contributing to sustainable tourism

Recognising the need to play a very proactive role Skyway tour team contributing in their own little way. They have tied up with Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR), in all their projects situated in Karnataka and helped in creating jobs locally, supporting locals in buying their agricultural products locally.  They are in constant touch with the Tourism authorities both at the State level and at the centre to lead in initiatives for tourism related products with a clear mandate to dwell on an eco friendly sustainable tourism growth in India. For those interested to know more, please feel free to talk to Manu on Mobile No. +91- 98451-18222, who will be more than happy to impart and share his inputs on “Travel for Life”, and thereby create environment consciousness in the travel and tourism sector.

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