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Temple Treasures And Sea Side Splendours: Navigating Karnataka’s Temple And Coastal Destinations

30 Oct 2023

The coastal area of Karnataka in India is a tourist marvel, as it has breath taking beaches with laid back charm,  sacred temples, and to top it all a cuisine which is classy, authentic and delicious.   


As the waters of the Arabian Sea drifts to the shores and a calm evening, the sunset with crimson sky with reflections on the sea surface is a magnificent fest for the eyes. With peace and serene atmosphere all round this scene best describes the Tannirbhavi beach,  Equally pleasing  to the eye is the Panambru beach, with its close proximity to the Mangalore port, and with the horizon draped in a barrage of ocean going vessels it is a commercial maritime hub worth seeing. The city is also famous for its temples and churches. St. Aloysius chapel and the Milagres church dating back to the 17th century are the other tourist attraction spots.  With more than 100 species of butterfly the Sammilan Shetty butterfly park in Belvai village, spread in over 7.5 acres of land, should also be in the bucket list. 

Udupi : 

Moving northwards from Mangalore, is the famous town of Udupi, some 56 Kms and travelling time of 80 road minutes. There is a legend behind the name Udupi derived from two syllables Uda and Pa, meaning stars and Lord respectively.  It further goes on to add that the moons ray was just a streak of divine light.  The famous 13th century Krishna temple is a monument visited by Hindus from across the country.  During Krishna Janmashtami-(the birth dates of Lord Krishna), Pili Yesa a traditional folk dance originated in Udupi is demonstrated on the streets. "Pili Yesa" is a tiger costume ballet that is taken as a procession on the main streets of the town.  It will be of interest to note that a lot of prestigious institutions have the headquarters in the district, notably the Manipal group. Another speciality of Udupi is the authentic vegetarian cuisine, which has been immensely popular that the dishes, which originated here, are popular in restaurants PAN India.     


A quiet beautiful beachside pilgrim town, still not much explored by tourist standards lies Murudeshwar, home to the world’s second tallest statue of Lord Shiva. Murudeshwar Temple is among the most iconic temples of the state, beckoning thousands of devotees every year. What is truly enchanting is the temple constructed on the Kanduka hill surrounded on three sides of the Arabian Sea.   The beach is a famous as a picnic spot amongst the locals and people from the neighbouring state. Other tourist places worth a visit are the Mirjan Fort, a fort with high ceilings and bastions towards north of Murudeshwar , the Murudeshwar beach,  The Statue Park,  and the Netrani Island, which gives a glimpse of the  underwater world with adventure filled activities like scuba diving, snorkelling to be really experienced. The extra one day halt for adventure activities is time well spent and is an experience worthy of being cherished.


A fascinating, laid back beach in total serenity with nature lies the Gokarna beach. The idyllic beaches are clear and pristine. About 5 decade ago the beach was referred to as hippie beach on account of Western influences, which would spill over from the beaches of Goa. However, the hippie sway lost charm mid way, and now the beach is famous for beach   surfing, snorkelling or parasailing, all adventure activities to enthral the young tourists. In some ways, it is less commercialised than Goa.  It lies between the Gangavali and Aghanashini rivers along the Karwar coast by the Arabian Sea. From the religious perspective The Shiva temple also known as Mahabaleshwara temple is visited by devotees from far and wide. The name of the town has a very interesting origin as it is believed that Lord Shiva descended from the ear of a cow.


The history of Karwar suggests that the Portuguese came and burnt a fort to establish their supremacy. It was an important spice trading centre where exports by sea took place to Africa and Europe. The Maratha Empire took control of Karwar in the 18th century. By late 18th century the town came under British rule. Several small mangrove covered islands lie off the Kali river estuary including Anjediva Island and Devagadaguda Islands. A stay in the Dev Bagh beach resort (island property) would be a worthy experience, where not only one could indulge in adventure activities, but a trip to the high seas is organised by the resort for dolphin watching! Dandeli is another interesting location that is worth considering for wild life enthusiasts.

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