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Kerala Kaleidoscope : 7 Days Of Bliss In God's Own Country

26 Sep 2023

A holiday to one o the most unique states Kerala, would be in the bucket list, as many trademark events have the origins in Kerala, like for instance the spread of ayurveda, the spice plantation, traditional martial arts- the kalaripattu and therefore, holds a unique blend of numerous speciality activities apart from visiting the picturesque mountains, back waters and beaches- an apt name to visit Gods Own country.

If there is a week’s time at once disposal, the trip should be planned in such a manner that it covers most of the events in your to do list. Of course, one week is too meagre a time to cover the entire state. The geographical feature of the state is long and narrow, with the Eastern side of the State boundary abutting the Western Ghats and the Western side of the State meeting the Arabian Sea. As a tourist one gets to see mountains, valleys, back waters and the sea, all in a span of 150 Kms breath.

Here, we shall provide you the best of Kerala that can possibly be covered in a week. The trick is – to start from the centre of the state and move either northwards or south wards, so that maximum destinations are covered.


Munnar is a quaint little hill station on the Western Ghats. The name is derived from 2 words “Mun” meaning 3 and “Ar” meaning river, thus, a land of three rivers. There are quite a few interesting activities.  The tea museum with a pilot tea manufacturing technique is worth seeing. Another attraction is the kalaripattu and Kathakali dance form is something that is a novel experience. 


Located at a lower altitude as compared to Munnar, the salubrious climate is ideal for spice cultivation. There are numerous spice gardens enroute and a visit to any one of them will make the tourist happier with a plethora of spice related information. Spices are also available for sale from these plantations, at comparatively reasonable price. Periyar tiger Reserve is the main stay of Thekkady. Whereas, a tiger sighting may be rare, but elephants can more easily be spotted. Under a trained forest guide a foot trek to see elephants at close quarters is possible.  Time permitting a short detour to Vagamon is worth a visit especially the latest glass bottom bridge.


Coming in to the plains to spend time under idyllic surroundings is the village of Mararikulam, with the calm Arabian sea for company. The sand on the beach is so clean, one could immerse timelessly watching the blue sea with an occasional catamaran venturing in the blue ocean waters. Await sunset, and the place transforms in to a surreal world as the crimson orange sun hides behind the horizon.


The Venice of the East, has inter wined back waters criss crossing across the plains with vast expanse of paddy fields interspersed amongst the Vembanad lake.  Probably one of the rare feats to watch is the paddy fields, just next to the banks of the back waters, at a lower elevation, therefore, the fields are below mean sea level. A ride in a house boat with an overnight luxury stay in the house boat should give value for money for an enthusiastic tourist.  


 On the coast in Central Kerala is the city of Cochin (Kochi), the commercial capital of Kerala.  The city came into prominence in 1652 a good 150 years later after Vasco Da Gama from Portugal landed in Calicut. Thus, the old city Of Kochi has a lot of Dutch influence, both in culture and architecture.  The Santa Cruz Basilica has still preserved its European architecture. Other notable land marks are the Jew Street, and the Dutch palace, which will keep the tourist fascinated with the history of old Cochin. 

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