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Dream Destination For Forthcoming X'Mas Holidays- Goa

19 Nov 2023


The State of Goa lies along the West sea coast abutting the Arabian Sea. The state is sandwiched between Karnataka on the South and East and Maharashtra State in the North. The uniqueness of this State is that it has a lot of Portuguese influence as it was under the rule of Portugal till the year 1961.

Goa the cynosure of tourist destinations:

Fun, frolic and fenny are the 3 words one could think of when describing Goa. For the discerning traveller, it is perhaps the most ideal moment to plan the vacation during the Christmas holidays, as the State comes alive with carnival of sorts during the Christmas, New Year season. The destination itself is a laid back destination as numerous activities can be witnessed in grandeur when visiting Goa. The importance of Goa, as a tourist destination hardly needs any elaboration. Many Europeans during the season prefer Goa as a Christmas holiday, as it gives the same feel, ambience, as a European holiday, largely because of the Portugal influence and they connect very easily.   

Food, Fun and Frolic:

As Goa witnessed European influence, it has retained many of the traditions of Europe. To begin with cross continental movement takes place during the Christmas holidays and Goa is no exception. The entire State comes alive and Portuguese and Goan band performance can be witnessed all through with a lot of merry making. For a foodie, it gives a person numerous options to savour Goan food gulping it down with a local drink and wine. Perhaps, it is one event which has no parallels in the rest of India.

Flight Connections: 

To make the travel pleasant for a tourist, Goa now boasts of two airports one in North Goa the recent one christened Manohar International Airport, and the other in South Goa, (Dabolim airport) giving a tourist choice to choose from, depending upon the activities and the bucket list that is planned for during the Christmas holidays. Goa is well connected to destinations all over India and Europe. Depending on country specific tourists, Goa Airport accommodates chartered flights as well.   

Important activities in Goa are enumerated below.

  1. Molem National Park: Home for bird life, many exotic species can be found in the park. The national Park is home to the Dudh Sagar falls, where the falls drop down into the valley with almost milk coloured water, thus getting its name.
  2. Chapora Fort: An interesting tourist spot, and is more popularly known as the “Dil Chaha ta hai”, fort. As a movie of the same name was shot on location.
  3. Basilica of Bom Jesus: A revered holy place for the Roman Catholics, and is recognised as a UNESCO heritage site. The mortal remains of Francis Xavier is buried here. The church is known for the architectural design.
  4. Fort Aguda: A piece of History is what a traveller gets to see. It is a 17th century fort, with a light house built by the Portuguese.  It is ASI protected monument of national importance.
  5. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: It is a marvellous church on an elevated high ground, and is a prominent land mark of Goa, overlooking the Arabian Sea, built during the 15th century. 
  6. Adventure activities: A lot of adventure activities can be experienced in Goa. Notable amongst them are hot air balloon, para sailing, scuba diving etc.
  7. River cruise: It is another fun filled activity to have a glimpse of Goa, from the safety of the boat.
  8. Beaches: There are numerous beaches both in North and South Goa, each one of them is a marvel and it is hard to pick which one is the best. 

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Come plan a dream holiday Christmas vacation in Goa!!!

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