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Discover The Top 10 Resorts In Sakleshpur, Karnataka, India For An Exhilarating Experience

25 Nov 2023

Nestled on the Eastern slopes of the Western Ghats is the town of Sakleshpur.  Tucked away almost midway between Bangalore and Mangalore, its origin could be traced back to a legend. A broken Shiva linga was believed to be found and thus it got its name. The town is famous for its salubrious climate, meandering meadows in the lap of tranquillity and serenity.

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The focus of this blog is to present the top 10 reputable  resorts in the region which will give guests an added comfort to enjoy the hospitality of each of these properties. Come let us begin our journey here.

Rosetta by Ferns:

It is one of the most enchanting properties in Sakleshpur. Nestled amongst plantations with breath taking views of the surroundings, it is a thrilling experience to spend time with nature. The resort is spread over 100 acres. Those who have small children, the resort will go out of the way to keep them occupied with indoor games, arts and crafts.  For the older guests, buggy rides can be provided on request.

Machaan Plantation Resort

When a discerning traveller needs both views of paddy cultivation and coffee plantation, with a bird’s eye view, the ideal location to zero in is the Machaan plantation resort. Walk through the canopy of trees whilst in the resort. Trekking options are a plenty. While the rooms are all equipped with a sit out, this enable visitors to admire the beauty of the plantations from the comfort of their rooms. 

Stoneage Resort

Located in Ballupete, the resort is known for its typical village style hutments. A lot of natural materials like bamboos, and clay have been used in the making of the resort accommodation. It therefore, lives up to its name, the Stone Age.  Indoor games like darts are very popular. Some of the rooms over look the mountains thus giving a visitor breath taking views.

Mookanana Resort

With novel red bricked rooms, the resort is exquisite and pleasing to the eye, as the colour blends well with the surroundings. The resort is a blend of luxury with comfort.  With over 50 acres of plantation, the activities planned in the resort is a must try. A lake near the resort site is a welcoming sight for indulging in kayaking.   

Tapovana Heritage Resort & spa

Talking of good vibes, the resort is an apt place for rest, and relaxation. Quite off from the wilderness, the resort will resonate with romantic mood and thus enhance the experience of the stay. The hills across the resort with morning mist passing by, an occasional sway of the trees is an enjoyable sight.  

Pebbles and Bean Resort

Located on one of the higher hillocks of Sakleshpur, it boasts of being one of the pride properties of Sakleshpur. Very meticulously planned, it has both forest and plantation views and both of them are equally beautiful. The icing in the cake are the resort related activities like trampoline, Burma bridge, pedal boating and a hike through the wilderness!

Kadumakki Resort

The wonders of nature can be truly experienced here. Both cottages and tented accommodation adds value to the experience of rustic living. It is a picture perfect scene set in simple and appealing and creates an experience of fantasy. A 4 by 4 buggy ride on a cross country route is a nice way to spend time examining the surrounding wilderness. A rivulet in the vicinity can be visited by the more adventurous tourist, and experience river crossing amongst a reasonably fast flowing current. Of course, this is a guided walk which can be tried out.  

Vana Valley Resort

A relatively newer property in Sakleshpur is the Vana valley resort and spa. Set amongst pepper, cardamom and coffee plantations, this unique property can be tried for guests preferring peace and tranquillity. Relaxing by the pool is a good option for indulgence and spending time in leisure. 

Butter Stone Resort

A resort that epitomises adventure, tradition and culture is the Butter stone river resort.  From the madness of city life get to enjoy a life filled with bliss and tranquillity at the Butter Stone. For a nature lover, the view of the far distance mountains, or the plantations in the vicinity or the chirping of exotic birds all adds up to a life of happiness and joy. It will be an experience to remember.

Rottikallu Resort

If a holiday has to be etched in memory, then Rottikallu Resort needs to be kept in the bucket list. It is an ecologically friendly resort, in the lap of nature. With a decent set of amenities, the stay in the resort will certainly be enjoyable. Amongst the numerous activities are the guided trekking, Indoor and Outdoor games, kayaking at a nearby stream. The USP of this resort is Pets are truly welcome, and they too be would be accommodated like a royal member of your family!

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