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Chart Your Dream Holiday : Planning Your New Year Getaway

09 Oct 2023

With the advent of New Year, excitement fills in the air. It is a time of eager expectations, for an exciting holiday. The holiday carnival starts just around mid December and carries on till the first week of January. It is not very simple, to enjoy the holiday if it is done impromptu. Seldom do travellers realise an impromptu holiday is sheer waste of money and resources. Here are some reasons to ponder about.

The ingredients of any holiday comprises of travel. The travel could be by air, rail or road. So let us consider the air and rail option first.  All airlines release their winter schedule, around 2 months prior (so this is the best time to plan the holiday). The demand for travel requirements outstrips supply and thus there is fierce competition of price wars. It is in this context, it makes sense to book early to avoid disappointment. If you monitor the air tickets prices, it keeps changing almost every 48 hours. So the prudent option under the circumstances is to book early to avoid disappointment.

Rail travel is an alternate option, the monopoly of the Government. Trains too get filled up fast for the New Year holiday season. No doubt, railways do assign festival special trains. The drawback here is; it doesn’t get the requisite publicity and a tourist will end up losing an opportunity. However, it must be said, the more enterprising of the tourists would perhaps bank on tatkal tickets. Here too, unless a person is pretty early in booking the tickets, it is unlikely that the late comers to tatkal booking are likely to get confirmed rail reservation.

By road, it is an option, no doubt. But travelling long distance by road is challenging and is neither suitable nor advisable, from the comfort stand point.  It may possibly work for short distances tourist travellers. But then when we are talking of a New Year holiday, PAN India, where we can envisage foot falls from all over the country and thus restricting road travel to one geographical region has its limitations.

The other factor to be considered is hotel accommodation. The hotel management knows, they will rarely see gigantic footfalls, once the New Year season ends. So the business enterprise would like to maximise total revenue, and the room inventory they hold gets sold like hot cakes.  

Finally, the services of a local cab operator are also another ingredient that sums up the requirement for a travel holiday. If cabs are booked well in advance, the travel agency will probably assign a decent cab for the tour. The last minute hitch hikers will have no choice but; will have to rely on an almost old condemned car for the tour itinerary, thus compromising on both safety and comfort. It will be like ruining a holiday.     

Skyway Tour the itinerary planner

Skyway Tour have a bouquet of travel related products, for the oncoming New Year season. It will be a prudent decision, if the tour could be planned well in advance to avoid last minute tensions and thereby the disappointment. The early decision making has also the possibility of making adjustment with tailor made packages. This flexibility will vanish for last minute bookings. Having seen the pros and cons of the New Year season holiday, why wait?  Do get in touch with Mr. Prasanna on Mobile No. 9845172820 or Mr, Anthoney on Mobile No. 9845187717 who would be happy to guide with additional inputs for the New Year Holiday.

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